DataLine Data Center

The largest Russian data center service providers in Russia

DataLine as part of Rostelecom includes the OST and NORD platforms/4/5/6 in Moscow.
The data center network is connected to the MSK-IX, DATA-IX traffic exchange points, and also has its own Internet Exchange Point (Internet Exchange Point, IX)-DataLine-IX: it allows autonomous systems to exchange traffic (peering) directly, bypassing higher-level communication operators (uplinks).
Power in the data center is not lost for a second. UPS, battery packs and diesel generators allow the data center to operate independently in the event of a power outage in the city.
The data center has a strict access control. All video recordings from indoor and outdoor cameras are stored for three months.
Dedicated and virtual servers are hosted in level 3 data centers, thus providing uptime - 99.982%.
Uptime Institute Tier III
Uptime Institute Tier III Design


Uptime Institute Tier III
Uptime Institute Tier III Facility


Uptime Institute Tier III
Uptime Institute Tier III Operational Sustainability

Operational Sustainability

Protected hermetic zones
Protected hermetic zones DataLine

DataLine machine rooms and engineering rooms are located in hermetic zones ("house in house"), which protect the equipment from leaks and dust. The walls of the hermetic zones contain the spread of the fire for 45 minutes.

Power supply
Power supply DataLine

Two independent inputs from the city power grid come to the substation and are distributed between 4 power centers. DGS are reserved according to the N+1 scheme. The DGU engine is kept warm, so that the DGU goes into operation and synchronizes in 30 seconds.

Cold supply
Cold supply DataLine

Cooling of the rooms is arranged according to the principle of "cold" and "hot" aisles. DataLine uses a chiller circuit based on ethylene glycol and water. Chillers work on the roof. In the cold season, the glycol is cooled using outdoor air (free cooling mode).

Fire safety
Fire safety DataLine

The DataLine data center is equipped with a Vesda early fire detection system and an automatic gas fire extinguishing system. Novec 1230 is used for extinguishing. Fire extinguishing system redundancy scheme 2N.

Network infrastructure
Network infrastructure DataLine

The DataLine network is distributed across two sites-OST and NORD / 4. It has points of presence on MMTS-9, MMTS-10 and is connected to traffic exchange points MSK-IX, DATA-IX. All nodes are connected to each other by their own redundant fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL). 2N network infrastructure redundancy scheme.

Monitoring DataLine

All parameters of DataLine engineering systems are monitored around the clock in the monitoring center. Twice a day, the engineers on duty go around the data centers and check the status of IT and engineering equipment.