VDI Rental

Virtualization Desktop Infrastructures

Tariff Test Pro Expert Design
Processor (3 ГГц) 2vCPU 2vCPU 4vCPU 8vCPU
RAM 2 Gb ECC 4 Gb ECC 8 Gb ECC 16 Gb ECC
Storage (NVMe) 30 Gb 60 Gb 100 Gb 200 Gb
License windows server 2012/2016/2019 + + + +
GPU - - - -
Monthly payment
14 $
18 $
38 $
70 $

Virtual desktop for rent

Today, thanks to the unique technologies of VDI, a convenient function has become possible – the use of a virtual work computer.
This is a remote server that is accessible from any mobile or stationary device, which is essentially a virtual workplace that the company "BitWeb"can provide to you.

When, who, and why might VDI be needed

In order to use a virtual workplace, you do not need to undergo special training.
The working conditions are simple: from a regular computer, the user connects to a cloud workplace and then works as if he were at a desktop PC.
What is necessary for the organization of such a workplace is VDI rental. A virtual workplace involves renting a server that has the necessary technical characteristics, depending on the range of upcoming tasks.
Using virtual workstations, you save on the purchase of a license and a server for work, as well as ensure the availability of the enterprise's work and its security.
There are some of the most common tasks for which the use of a virtual desktop is relevant:

  • for organizing a "remote trip" from a trip, from home, while on vacation;
  • if there are restrictions for performing certain computing tasks on a working PC;
  • to provide round-the-clock access to the desktop;
  • to provide temporary employees with jobs;
  • to monitor how employees perform their job duties;
  • to work in the usual mode;
  • to save on the purchase of licenses;
  • for secure storage of information and round-the-clock availability of the workplace.

Advantages of using a virtual desktop

Those who have already tried out the possibility of virtual work know that it is very profitable:
  • productivity is immeasurably higher than the average workplace;
  • rent is cheaper (about 20 times) than rent of "iron";
  • no costs for the maintenance of the equipment and its modernization;
  • availability of the workplace from any point where there is an Internet connection, and without setting up a VPN;
  • operational performance improvement of virtual equipment without capex;
  • full technical support at any time;
  • software costs are excluded;
  • reliable data storage and availability of their prompt recovery in case of failures from backups;
  • remote workplace in DateLine-Tier3.
The company "BitWeb" offers to evaluate in practice the undoubted benefits of using cloud technologies.

With the VDI-Cloud Desktop solution, you can enjoy server operation, accessible from any browser, and access it at any time. You are in your own environment with your data and applications, no matter where you are.

Do you need a Windows environment for your applications or a dedicated resource? With the Cloud Desktop solution, you can take advantage of a dedicated and isolated space to experience your developments without the limitations of interoperability.


Have you ever lost your computer? With Cloud Desktop, you don't have to worry about losing your data if your computer disappears. Your data and applications are hosted on BitWeb servers and are therefore always available regardless of the risks.


What do you do if you want to access your computer from your home, office, hotel, or from your clients? No matter what device you connect to, find the same experience on your Cloud Desktop. Whenever you want, your computer will be available wherever you want.


What will you do if you need 10 new employees for one month? Thanks to VDI-Cloud Desktop, you can create 10 workstations and complete them in a few clicks after the end of the contract with your employees. This allows you to use personal devices professionally (BYOD).

Main features of VDI

You benefit from a Windows environment that includes common applications: Windows license, LibreOffice, Adobe Acrobat Reader ... You can access it from any browser, regardless of the terminal you are using, the operating system of the terminal, or the geographical location where you are located.
With the Hyper-V virtualization layer, each VDI-Cloud Desktop is a dedicated virtual machine that provides guaranteed resources. With a non-mandatory monthly subscription, you are assured of storing and backing up your data, pre-installed software updates, and maintaining the underlying infrastructure.