Data center fault tolerance

Data center reliability levels

Уровни ЦОД

Availability: 99.67%
28.8 hours of suspension per year
Without redundancy

Availability: 99.75%
22 hours of work suspension per year
Partial redundancy

Availability: 99.982%
1.6 hours of suspension per year
Redundancy N+1

Availability: 99.995%
0.8 hours of suspension per year
Redundancy 2N+1

levels data center

Tier III

A Tier III data center provides 99.98% availability. With this configuration, it is possible to provide maintenance without affecting the continuity of service provision on the servers. However, these data centers are not protected from outages in the event of serious accidents on the various components of the infrastructure. In other words, Tier III data centers do not have overall modular redundancy.

Tier IV

This is the highest Tier of guarantee that a data center can provide with 99.99% availability. This category of data centers is fully reserved for electrical circuits, cooling, and network. This architecture can withstand even the most serious technical failures on the server without any consequences for the availability of the system.

Server at Tier IV

  • Duplicates power over direct connections
  • It has 2 physical processors
  • Provides the ability to " hot " change disks
* Hot Swap feature:
The main advantage of this feature is the ability to upgrade the disk or replace a faulty component (RAID disk, power supply) without interrupting the server.