Server rental in Russia

Rent a server in a certified Tier III data center


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Each server includes:
Free installation
Round-the-clock support
Permanent IPMI access
Uploading your own ISO image
Replacement of components up to 30 minutes
Control via DCImanager
Tier III Certified Data Center
Free DNS
Managing rDNS records
VLAN support
Free 500Gb backup Storage

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How to use the online configuration

This site will allow you to rent exactly the equipment that suits you. When ordering this service, you get:
  • the ability to lease only the necessary capacities
  • large selection of equipment types and parameters
  • saving money

The company's specialists will provide you with the optimal solution configuration, taking into account the development of your organization's IT infrastructure. In addition, you will be able to back up your files to remote storage. Also, the company's clients can rent a server in the data center with additional features. If you have any questions, you can contact the company's employees at the phone number listed on the website.

Profitable server rental in Russia

Today, the issue of creating and maintaining IT infrastructure is relevant for every person planning to open their own business. To reduce your hosting costs and ensure high-quality and uninterrupted operation of the equipment, we recommend that you use the dedicated server rental service in Moscow, which our company offers you.

Cooperation with the Moscow company BitWeb is an opportunity to choose an inexpensive and reliable hosting service, if your resource is focused on the Russian-speaking Internet audience. Maintaining a dedicated server in Russia will cost you much less than buying your own resource or renting it abroad. You will not need to hire highly paid IT specialists, purchase expensive software, pay taxes and rent for the premises where the server is located, or negotiate with foreign hosting providers. The result is a significant saving of your money, which can be spent on more necessary purposes.

Rent a server in a certified Tier III data center

Server rental in DataLine has gained popularity among customers due to the good service and the favorable ratio of quality and price. When renting a server in Moscow, special attention is paid to the level of maintenance. In this respect, BitWeb has established itself as a reliable partner that helps you develop your business. Customers can access not only guaranteed bandwidth, free backup storage, but also round-the-clock technical support: most issues are resolved almost within 30 minutes.

Another nice bonus when renting dedicated servers in Moscow in our company is the possibility of independent management through a special DCImanager panel designed for diagnostics and working with the server. You will be able to fully appreciate the quality of service and the potential of the equipment.

If you are interested in this offer, please contact our specialists. The minimum rental period is one month, and activation is made in 15 minutes! It is very easy to rent a server in Russia with our help, as we are the official provider of hosting services and are ready to provide all the necessary information about their work and offer favorable terms of cooperation.