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Rent a virtual server in France and Canada with DDoS protection

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Free protection against DDoS attacks

The standard package of hosting protection against DDoS attacks includes cooperation with reliable data centers, an intrusion detection system, firewalls that respond to hacking attempts, a system for detecting and blocking bogus requests. The human factor is also important, so it is important that the maintenance of the equipment is carried out by professional administrators.

Free protection for servers in France and Canada solution based on the geo-distributed traffic filtering system OVH - VAC technology. The hardware bandwidth is more than 480 GBps.

Unlimited traffic

Traffic – the amount of data that passes through the cloud server per unit of time. Traffic is divided into incoming and outgoing traffic.
Incoming traffic – the entire amount of information that comes to your computer from the Internet (downloading web pages, downloading and listening to music, videos).
Outgoing traffic — the amount of information that the computer transmits to the network (sent emails, messages in the messenger, a request for the page address).

Often, when creating and promoting a site, it is difficult to foresee in advance all the nuances of future development: how many visitors will come to the project every day, and how much traffic will be spent. On hosting with limited traffic, sooner or later you will have to take this point into account, and either switch to a more expensive tariff, or change the hosting company. Both are quite problematic and costly. It is not necessary to limit the development of marketing and attracting new visitors. We offer unlimited traffic for hosted sites (limited only by bandwidth), so that you can only deal with the development of the project and do not think about the technical nuances and overlaps with hosting.

Round-the-clock support

Round-the-clock support for the VPS virtual server is monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Our specialists spend 24 hours a day at the workplace, monitoring the quality of hosting services. After all, the World Wide Web does not have weekends and holidays.

Every second, the number of users grows, regardless of the time of day. This never-ending process allows us to unite the peoples of all countries. And in order for your site to be always available, every visitor will need strict control, ensuring the smooth operation of the hosting.

Our specialists are always in touch and ready to answer all your questions. By ordering any tariff plan from us, you can receive qualified assistance at any time of the day. Our customers were able to evaluate the effectiveness of round-the-clock support, and you will also appreciate it.

Level of reliability TIER IV

Virtual servers in France and Canada are hosted in a data center OVH. OVH has been designing and building its own data centers since 2003. Continuous R & D is underway to simplify server installation and maintenance, as well as to allow for quick intervention–no false ceilings or awkward blocks... Innovations are constantly being introduced, in particular, to improve the cooling and ventilation technology, the development and installation of internal water and air cooling systems is being carried out. High-quality equipment is regularly updated and replaced.

Profitable VPS server rental

Daily VPS rental is suitable for customers who want to test the services before buying a VPS for a longer period.
By choosing a payment period from 3 months, 6 months or up to 12 months, you get the biggest discounts:
  • 3 months-10% discount
  • 6 months-20% discount
  • 12 months-30% discount